Structure and components of the system

Way of doing great things

The key element of the Simplex colour system is 20 highly concentrated acrylic pigments. These pigments provide colour intensity and durability, resistance to fading and damage, resulting in a superior surface finish.

  • P100 Basic white ideal as a base for bright colours, guaranteeing uniform coverage.
  • P101 Pure white intense white colour for universal use.
  • P201 Yellow-orange a warm shade, great for creating energetic compositions.
  • P203 Ochre a classic earthy yellow shade, ideal for neutral designs.
  • P225 Special yellow a vivid, bright shade that attracts the eye.
  • P230 Yellow a universal, bright shade of yellow.
  • P301 Transparent orange a delicate shade of orange with a transparent finish.
  • P302 Bright orange a fresh summer shade of orange.
  • P303 Red a classic, deep red - a symbol of passion and energy.
  • P402 Purple mysterious and elegant, perfect for modern designs.
  • P404 Purple-red a unique blend of purple and red, creating a unique shade.
  • P508 Blue a calm, deep blue, reminiscent of the blue sky.
  • P600 Green an invigorating, natural shade of green.
  • P602 Dark green a deep, forest shade, ideal for those who seek peace.
  • P662 Yellow-green the juxtaposition of bright yellow with green, giving a refreshing effect.
  • P700 Black intense a deep, strong shade of black.
  • P702 Basic black universal black, ideal as a base or stand-alone color.
  • P703 Intermediate black a softer version of black, perfect for subtle accents.
  • P800 Red-oxygen a warm, earthy shade of red.
  • P901 Aluminum basic a metallic, silvery shade, ideal for adding sparkle to projects.

Mixer and dispenser

Key to perfect colour. Equipped with the highest quality components, this unique mixing solution opens up new possibilities for precision colour mixing, guaranteeing quality and efficiency at every stage of the process.

Discover a new era of production with our advanced equipment: the MC MIX mixer and dispenser, which are revolutionizing the world of colour. A key component of our colour matching system, our mixer ensures even consistency and colour repeatability, while the innovative MC MIX dispenser offers incredible precision in formula preparation, eliminating human error.

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Dedicated spectrophotometer

The Profix Refinish spectrophotometer with artificial intelligence is a breakthrough in precision for the paint industry, offering accuracy unattainable by the human eye.

This device not only guarantees unparalleled precision, but is also economical, allowing you to prepare the paint in the amount needed, which translates into savings. Spectrophotometer has become an indispensable tool in modern workshops and paint services, although many factors affect its operation, often unnoticeable to the average user.


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Selected products


  • Volume mixing ratio: 5:1
  • Unit: 15.00l / 2.62l
  • Very fast drying time


  • Volume mixing ratio: 4:1
  • Unit: 15.00l / 2.62l
  • excellent UV resistance


  • Volume mixing ratio: 4:1
  • Unit: 17.00l / 2.97l
  • excellent covering power


  • Volume mixing ratio: 4:1
  • Unit: 2.80l / 16.00l
  • excellent corrosion resistance


  • Unit: 17.00l
  • excellent price/quality ratio


  • Unit: 17.00l
  • excellent price/quality ratio

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