From April 9-12, 2024, Simplex had the honor of participating in the next edition of PaintExpo in Karlsruhe - the most important biennial event for the coatings industry and a key venue for showcasing the latest technologies, innovations and industry trends.

At the show, Simplex presented its advanced coating solutions, which have gained recognition for their stable and wide range of colors and advanced mixing systems. Our highly concentrated acrylic resin-based pigments, which provide intense and durable colors, and a precision color system with remote access capability attracted the attention of many visitors.

Our advanced spectrophotometer with automatic correction provided the highest color precision, which is crucial for customers in various industrial sectors, including agriculture, construction and automotive. Products such as fast-drying 2K polyurethane-polyester varnishes and DTM priming enamels with high corrosion resistance were in high demand.

We would like to thank all participants and visitors for visiting our booth and for the inspiring conversations that contribute to the continuous improvement of our solutions. We look forward to future opportunities to meet and jointly develop innovative technologies in the paint industry.


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Simplex is redefining the paint industry by combining series production with trade show paint quality. Through innovative technologies and processes, the company enables customers to achieve optimum product efficiency and aesthetics...

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We present a few words about how to choose a paint system and how to calculate the cost of painting, and explain whether using cheaper products always turns out to be beneficial for our budget.

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Surely those involved in industrial painting have encountered any of the following terms: AIRMIX, AIRCOMBI, AIR ASSISTED, AIRCOAT or air shielding or airless in air shielding.


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