Surely those involved in industrial painting have encountered any of the following terms: AIRMIX, AIRCOMBI, AIR ASSISTED AIRLESS, AIRCOAT, or air shielding or airless in air shielding.

Each of these names refers to painting technology using medium or high-pressure pumps (units). If we use this type of equipment then, depending on the manufacturer, we may just encounter different terms. This is due, among other things, to the fact that each manufacturer wants to stand out, and in addition, some have registered specific names as protected trademarks. It is worth knowing that, despite the different names, they practically refer to the same type of painting, aggregates and spray guns.

What is airmix, airless, aircombi technology? In short, it combines the advantages of painting with a traditional suction or gravity fed gun (so-called conventional technology) and medium or high-pressure technology. This means, more or less, that thanks to the relatively high pressure, we can paint larger areas and definitely faster than with a suction or gravity fed gun, while obtaining a relatively nice finish, similar in final effect to conventional painting, thanks to the so-called air shield.

Where is this technology best applied?

Wherever we paint, such as farm trailers, semi-trailers, buses or entire vans, that is, when we are dealing with a sizable surface with fairly high requirements for the final quality of the coating (e.g. smoothness, high gloss). Of course, the right equipment is not everything, it is also necessary to properly select the paint system and determine the viscosities most suitable for a given production.
A sentence about the cost-effectiveness of the above painting system. It all depends on many factors - the size and occupancy of production, the conditions we have at the plant, the colour width and many others. However, we should keep in mind the outlay - the aggregate (pump) and the appropriate accessories for it.

Our company will be happy to help those interested in analyzing whether it is worthwhile to use such solutions, and to select the appropriate painting technology for everyone.

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