Behind the scenes of painting: Uncovering the secrets of quality trade fair production with Simplex

In today's fast-changing business world, the visual aspect of products plays an increasingly important role for both individual customers and in B2B relationships. Customers, saturated with a market full of novelty and innovation, expect products not only of high quality and affordability, but also of attractive design. In response to these expectations, paint companies such as Simplex offer solutions to combine series production with trade fair painting, ensuring cost optimisation while maintaining the highest aesthetic standards.

Simplex case-study: optimising painting processes

Simplex, being at the forefront of innovation in the paint industry, reviewed and optimised the painting processes at one of its customers. The traditionally used epoxy primer required a longer drying time, which was affecting production delays. After reviewing the customer's specifications, Simplex applied a state-of-the-art solution in the form of SIMPOX PM.1422 primer, which reduced drying times and improved the adhesion of subsequent paint layers.

The benefits of the technological innovation were immediate:

  • Increased production throughput: Simplex's customer increased the number of parts painted per day, which translated into greater efficiency and profitability.
  • Increased quality standards: The new primer and coating technology enabled a higher C4-H corrosivity class to be achieved, providing improved product protection and aesthetics.
  • Visual enhancement of the coating: The use of specially selected paint nozzles and SIMPUR PM.2219 topcoat significantly improved the final appearance of the products.

Application in practice: From trade fair to production line

Simplex's customers, who originally intended to prepare special varnishes for trade fairs, saw the benefits of the new approach. Instead of creating distinct production lines, they decided to integrate trade fair and series processes. As a result, the products presented at the trade fair and those produced in series maintained a uniformly high quality standard.

In addition, by working with Simplex, the companies gained the ability to react more quickly to changing trends and customer preferences. Through the use of advanced paint technologies, it was not only possible to achieve higher gloss and better smoothness of coatings, but also to manage inventory more efficiently and reduce production waste.

The future of painting with Simplex: Innovation and adaptation

Simplex is constantly striving to improve its products and processes, offering solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also cost-effective. The company's drive for innovation enables customers to achieve the best results in painting for both trade fair and volume production.

Simplex's changes to its production processes have led to significant improvements:

  • Shortening the production cycle: Thanks to faster drying times and improved layer adhesion, it has become possible to speed up the entire painting process.
  • Increased production flexibility: Improved technology allows easier adaptation to individual customer requirements and quick changes in product specifications.
  • Saving resources: More efficient use of paint materials contributes to lower production costs and minimises waste.

Simplex's commitment to industry development

Simplex actively participates in the development of the paint industry by attending trade shows, seminars and conferences. The company shares its knowledge and experience, promoting cutting-edge paint technologies that respond to current market challenges.

In summary, Simplex is proving that with the right technological and process investments, it is possible to achieve production efficiencies equal to fair quality. This not only makes it possible to be more competitive in the market, but also to increase the overall value of the products offered. Through the constant pursuit of excellence, Simplex is shaping the future of the paint industry by offering innovative solutions that combine aesthetics with functionality.


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