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thousands of colors
million liters annually
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Discover Simplex's full range of paint solutions ideal for industry - from intense and durable paints coatings based on highly concentrated acrylic resin pigments, to advanced converters and primers. Not only do our products provide a perfect surface finish and fade UV resistance, but they also offer unparalleled colour accuracy thanks to an advanced colour program and spectrophotometer.


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Simplex brand

We invite you to discover the Simplex a brand specializing in the production of modern industrial coatings.

Our products are characterized by high-quality and competitiveness in the international coatings markets and respond to the specific needs and requirements of our customers. We offer a rich and consistent range of colours and our innovative mixing systems are continuously improved to meet dynamic market changes.

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Simplex system

Discover a new quality of coloring with the Simplex color system - an innovative combination of tradition and the latest technology.

Our pigment extraction and condensation methods guarantee colors of unparalleled depth and intensity, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding professionals. In addition, the use of acrylic resin in our pigments provides not only aesthetic but, above all, functional benefits, such as exceptional weather and UV resistance, so Simplex colors retain their luster for a long time. When you choose the Simplex system, you not only choose a wide range of intense and durable colors, but also care for the environment and efficiency and economy in use, which is crucial in professional applications.

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Discover how Simplex is presenting the future of paint technology at PaintExpo 2024 in Karlsruhe. See our advanced pigments and color systems that are defining industry standards.

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Simplex is redefining the paint industry by combining series production with trade show paint quality. Through innovative technologies and processes, the company enables customers to achieve optimum product efficiency and aesthetics...

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We present a few words about how to choose a paint system and how to calculate the cost of painting, and explain whether using cheaper products always turns out to be beneficial for our budget.

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