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System Profix Refinish

System Profix Refinish

For us being innovative means solving problems where others don't even look. The possibility of combining a spectrophotometer with a cloud application, i.e. with an online recipe software, is a step forward in the field of varnishing. This system is unique on a global scale. With the help of such a solution we can send the measurement from the spectrophotometer to any place in the world. What's more, the measured colors undergo a correction based on the best-matching color in the database. In addition, the MC MIX automatic dispensing machine can be used to speed up the process.

MC MIX is a stand-alone unit that replaces the mixing station with toners. Our system incredibly increases work efficiency, increases accuracy and eliminates the human factor, i.e. error while pouring the recipe. The machine pours the desired color with accuracy unattainable in car color services, so it is possible to pour even a very small amount with unprecedented accuracy. What's more, we can connect MC MIX in the "spectrophotometer - cloud - MC MIX" system. The measurement can be sent to the application in the cloud and if the MC MIX machine is connected to the system, the cloud will initiate the pouring of the tinted recipe.

The age of the car does not matter, the spectrophotometer in two steps will create a recipe matched to the car based on the tinting function. Frequent calibration is no longer a problem, ADAM 5 only calibrates once every two weeks. Up to 30 possible saved measurements allow for convenient and comfortable work in the field. Use the possibility of a wireless connection to a computer or other device and send data to any place (e.g. car paint mixing service). Small size and capacious battery ensure user-friendly operation.

The implemented Cloud technology allows unlimited distance connection between the spectrophotometer and the MC-MIX dispenser. The Cloud application with dedicated software works on every device with a browser. We have developed management functions, so you can track user work and schedule all future orders. The proprietary solution of our programmers allows the use of adjusted to the requirements of our customers.

An innovative solution for the automotive industry enabling the integration of the spectrophotometer with a paint mixing service. Dispensing accuracy of 0.01 g eliminates the problem of mismatched recipes. The dispenser can hold up to 96 different toners in any configuration regardless of the type of paint (acrylic, solvent based, waterborne). The whole is made of the highest quality components, thanks to which the machine is created for continuous operation. The machine ensures automatic mixing of toners. Adding toner is very simple and does not require cleaning machine components.

Our painting systems are created in our advanced research laboratory in cooperation with clients. In our assortment you will find acrylic (Acryl, LV CRYL), waterborne (Aqua2G), solvent (Kar-Bon) systems, Great value for money.