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How to take care of car paint in winter?

How to take care of car paint in winter?

Preparation of car body for winter time can be divided into several stages.

First of all, I would suggest precise clearing and review of car body. Clean the surface with dirt, old coatings, waxes, tar or asphalt. It can be done by using degreasers (CP015), which are harmless to paint at the same time dealing great with most types of dirt.

Put a remover on the surface (either using an atomizer or a damp cloth), leave for a moment to dissolve dirt and after that remove it from the surface with a clean cloth.

At this stage we can already estimate with no expertise what is the condition of paint on our car. Have we noticed any loss of paint or our varnish just lost its former gloss. If you notice a rust or paint defects we should secure them in order to stop expansion of the corrosion.

In case of severe damage I would recommend you to visit an expert, little scratches could be fixed by ourselves. If they are not so deep, using polishing paste should be enough.

Personally, I could recommend Easy paste by PROFIX. Why this product?

Because it has one very important feature, during polishing a granular texture of the paste is gradually abrading itself. This means that at the beginning of our work, the paste removes the biggest scratches as the work progresses it gives more gloss to the varnish. Waxing is the final step that secures our surface.

Thanks to already mentioned practice the color of our paint becomes more deep and glossy and of course, more resistant to any type of dirt.Dirt does not adhere so easily, to a surface covered with wax WAX 4 PROFIX. This means that our car could stay clean longer, besides, body wash is also easier and faster.

During the first stage, a bit of polishing milk should be put on the surface with a soft flannel cloth.Then let it dry on the surface, next using the same type of flannel we need to polish the surface removing at the same time wax remnants. Of course, this stage should be repeated once or more during the winter since the durability of such protection is closely related to the weather conditions and car exploitation.

There is no need to believe in products that can protect the paint on our car for all winter. Only regular care of our car surface gives us the guarantee that our car will look great for years!