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Multichem's beginnings date back to 1996, when the Profix brand and its innovative products: clearcoats, hardeners and thinners for cars were established. Originally, they went to the Polish market, but already in the second year of operation Multichem was present in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany or Ukraine. 
In the following years, thanks in part to American co-owner Automotive Art, Multichem also began to expand its products across the Atlantic Ocean.

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The number of countries in which the company's products are available.


Number of employees working for the company.


Colors available in the company's formula base.

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Upcoming trainings

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Upcoming trainings

Regardless of your level of experience, our Profix Training Center offers training tailored to your needs. Beginners can learn the basics, while professionals can hone their skills and learn about the latest innovations in paint products. This is a unique place where everyone has the opportunity to work with the latest products on the market. Check out our sub-site with current training courses and reserve your spot today. This is your chance to learn and grow in a dynamic environment that combines innovation with experience.

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08.08.2023 12:36:15
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Starting August 24, 2023, every professional and industrial user of diisocyanates should complete specialized training. This is in response to European Union Regulation 2020/1149.

28.05.2023 11:57:26
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Due to our ongoing mission to improve quality and performance, the CP 216, CP 297 and CP 278 hardeners will be phased out and replaced by new hardeners that are already familiar to you - CP 282, CP 285 and CP 286.

27.05.2023 16:58:00
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When we talk about innovation at Multichem, we always try to look to the future, aiming to make our solutions not only effective, but also environmentally friendly. Our latest product - the PROFIX paint cup system.

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