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Profix Polishing Pads

Profix Polishing Pads

We are pleased to announce that we have added the new Profix polishing pads with open-cell foam (O.C.F.) technology to our range. These innovative tools have been designed specifically for the most demanding painters and detailers. Thanks to the use of open-cell technology, Profix pads increase the cutting power while improving heat dissipation from the polished coating.

The open-cell foam used in them not only enhances work efficiency but also guarantees exceptional durability and reduces the load on the polishing machine. We put particular emphasis on a durable mounting system, consisting of high-durability Velcro and foam.

Comfortable work with 125 mm Spacer

One of our proposals is a 125 mm spacer, which thanks to the flexible base of the disk provides extremely comfortable working conditions. It is designed for mechanical polishing and grinding of car paints and various types of paint coatings, with the possibility of using coarse-grain polishing pastes.

Durability and efficiency - M14 threaded polishing sponge

In our range, you will also find an M14 threaded polishing sponge. It is intended for all types of glossy surface paints, providing a better effect of polishing pastes and greater durability of polishing effects. This product is made of solid materials, and the gluing process allows for gentle washing of the pad with delicate detergents. The sponge is ideal for use in paint workshops and detailing salons, where it can be used repeatedly.