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Color perception

Color perception

Color matching, colorimetry, conscious and effective varnishing is an interesting and growing trend. There are fewer and fewer vocational schools. A number of factors affect it, including demographic transition. Demand for good specialists in connection with more and more cars on the road is growing every year. Each dealer seriously thinking about his customers should have in his offer body and paint services, but it is not always accompanied by a suitably qualified staff.

A certain conviction (mainly due to small workshops) has been established that painting services are usually performed at a very low level. Through Mobile Training Center across Poland, we want to fight with this conviction, by professional training that is dedicated to everyone. Mobile training in particular is of greater interest. Many people do not have time to get out of work and drive across half of Poland to learn about new trends in painting, thus field party can gather people in their place of residence.

Our trainings are for industry people or for hobbyists who work on the car of their lives in their garages. Usually, their knowledge comes from the Internet, where there are many anecdotal, unproven and often false information. With us, everyone is able to learn the basic rules of painting and color selection. Profix training is popular within car mechanics. They are a great way to expand your skills, maybe a chance to change the sector of operation.

Choosing the color of the car is seemingly walk in the park. We choose the right color of the car, which we have to paint and after a short time, our eyes enjoys fresh varnish, perfectly matching the rest of the car.

Meanwhile, it happens that some cars change their color under the influence of the sun. Due to such phenomena, the development of new varnishes is becoming more and more expensive and requires more and more time. Not every paint color is suitable for covering the car body, because, for example, shades of purple are particularly sensitive to UV rays and fade faster. Therefore, each varnish must pass the so-called Florida test, because in the USA there are extreme weather conditions related to sun, salty air and heavy rain. Only when the varnish painted with the vehicle passes this test successfully, i.e. it survives in these conditions for two years without fading, the paint can be put into serial production.

The basic difficulty lies in the fact that the cars are often repainted and have several different shades. These shades are skillfully masked by the so-called shading, so the right choice of color for one part of the car does not guarantee a good effect for the other parts. Another mistake affecting the wrong color assessment is checking the shade in enclosed spaces (garage, workshop, painting booth). Then artificial lighting distorts the perception of color.

The color must be assessed in daylight, although too strong sunlight sometimes interferes with good evaluation. An alternative solution is to have a lamp imitating natural lighting. If you’re standing next to your wife or girlfriend, she can also help you out. Why?

It should be remembered to accurately reproduce the subsequent conditions of painting the car, ie the proper air pressure, the number of layers and the spray gun. Mixes with a smaller nozzle are often used in the mixing plant, which reduces the reliability of the trial spray. Before painting, make sure that the anti-corrosion coating in the repaired area has been properly restored. This also applies to the color of the undercoat, which is of considerable importance in the final result.