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Application CP 375

Application CP 375

The primer coat 375 swift is an innovative primer coat that as soon as after one hour in the temperature of 20ºC achieves hardness necessary for sanding.

It has anti-corrosion agents in its composition, which provides protection of steel surfaces.

The ratios for mixing the CP 375 Swift primer coat to 4:1 by volume with a CP 216 hardener plus a 10% thinner CP 040.

If we want to spray the primer coat in the “wet-on-wet” method the amount of the thinner should be increased to 30%.

When the temperature exceeds 25ºC it is recommended to use a CP 070 thinner that facilitates application.

After earlier sanding of the old hardened varnish coating surface the surface should be degreased once again, to reduce the risk of varnish flaws.

We apply it using a HVLP spray gun with a nozzle 1.6 and applied pressure of ca. 2 Bars. In order to remove unwanted dust impurities it is recommended to use an anti-static cloth.

Thanks to the cloth surface impurities are removed from the workpiece.

Primer coat layers are applied holding the spray gun at a right angle and in the distance of ca. 15-20 cm to the painted workpiece.

After the first layer the evaporation period is less than 5 min., after application of the second layer, if we do not use a “wet-on-wet” method the painted workpiece should be left for drying.

After one hour in the temperature of 20ºC and after 5 min. when using the IR radiator the workpiece is ready for sanding.