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Application CP 2016

Application CP 2016

The CP 2016 varnish manufactured by Profix is characterised by no yellow tint in the mixture ready for spraying as in case of other HS products.

CP 2016 does not run off the vertical surfaces, and just one and a half layer guarantees complete coverage of the varnished surface.

The product may also be applied similarly to MS varnishes.

This product features an incredible property, which is achievement of depth and varnish clarity, these are the features distinguishing it among other varnishes available on the market.

The product CP 2016 should be mixed in a ratio of 4:1 by volume with a dedicated CP 3016 hardener manufactured by Profix.

After mixing the obtained mixture is ready for spraying. The varnished surface may be wiped with an anti-static cloth to remove possible dust.

It is recommended to use a HVLP spray gun with the nozzle diameter of 1.2-1.4 and the applied pressure of 2 Bars for a clear varnish application.

It is recommended to use half the layer at the very beginning, and then the entire layer after evaporation.

The obtained surface is smooth and free from any streaks and after 10 hours in the temperature of 20ºC it is completely dry.