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Company Multichem hardworking people and open to new knowledge of...
Training Center
Would you like to check the quality of our products? If so, we a...

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Company Multichem hardworking people and open to new knowledge of...
Training Center
Would you like to check the quality of our products? If so, we a...

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About Us

About Us

Mission and Values of the company

Thanks to the innovative and flexible response to all the needs of our Customers, we gain a leading position among global suppliers of restoration products and car paints.
To achieve this goal, our team follow these values:

  • innovation
  • collaboration
  • reliability
  • professionalism
  • flexibility

Misja firmy

Multichem It is a Polish company providing complete solutions for automotive refinish, sold under the brand name PROFIX:

  • Automotive Paint Mixing System;
  • Primers, Fillers, Putties;
  • Hardeners, Accelerants;
  • Thinners, Resins;
  • Clearcoats;
  • and many ancillaries.

Multichem, thanks to its experience and technical knowledge, offers modern and innovative systems with paint refinishing. Our products are characterized by excellent quality. Because of attractive price, our products are competitive and well regarded worldwide.

Currently, we have representatives in more than 50 countries, our products are sold through distributors, sales representatives and also directly to stores. Worldwide, there are more than 4,000 places equipped with our mixing systems – and, what’s important, this number is constantly growing.

The high quality of our products is the main reason of users’ satisfaction, as well as the opinions and certificates of many independent organizations.

In 2004 Multichem implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, which was continued later and is regularly confirmed by annual audits to this day.

Feedback from our Partners and constantly optimized inventory of individual products allow us to provide fast delivery and direct response to changing needs and expectations of customers.

Staying up to date with market trends, indicating great involvement in research and development facilities makes it possible to call Multichem an extremely innovative company.

High level of research and development of products meets the most demanding environmental requirements. As one of the first companies on the European market; Multichem developed and is still producing the color matching system of waterborne basecoat.
Constantly improved Aqua 2G system is popular among our Partners around the world. Combined with a wide range of color documents, intuitive program of prescriptions and the possibility of connecting spectrophotometer - this system provides comfortable operation even for the most demanding users.

Those, who use our products, can count on our support and permanent help. This applies both: training of the use of products and also techniques for color selection.
Varied and regular training conducted in the Training Centre PROFIX aims to achieve the highest quality and productivity at work and help to optimize operating costs of any body shop.

We are perfectly aware that time is the most valuable thing in any business, so we send the Mobile Training Centre directly to users, so that anyone interested have the opportunity to test PROFIX product in chosen, preferred time and place. Training session can be conducted in a familiar working environment. This solution also allows quick response in case of any questions or doubts.

Paying attention to the quality of performance of our products we provide a 10-year warranty on the paintwork made ​​by PROFIX technology. This is possible because of regular controls, at every stage of the production, and usage of selected raw materials.

Our Main Domains

Our Main Domains


Professional approach to the issues, the desire and the ability to develop one's skills and work on the one's weaknesses.


The ability to conscientiously perform tasks with 100% commitment, at a specified time, with full accountability for assigned responsibilities and the quality of fulfilling all the obligations.


The awareness of a common goal, the pursuit of its implementation, understanding the specifics of working in another department, staying open to another point of view, mutual support among coworkers.


Ability to respond to the needs of the surrounding at the expense of comfort, willingness to change or learn new things, openness and ability adjust to the changing needs of the market and the company.


Creativity and the ability to create and introduce new solutions, forming something new and unique. Continuous development, the fight against stagnation, constant improve and search for new and better technological solutions. The ability to create products that are satisfying for even the most demanding Customers, the introduction of new standards.