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The PROFIX Paint Cup System

The PROFIX Paint Cup System

The PROFIX Paint Cup System is an innovative solution in the painting industry, offering versatility, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. It facilitates the mixing, spraying, and storing of paint, all the while reducing the consumption of cleaning agents. This product is incredibly user-friendly, and additional adapters make it compatible with most paint spray guns available on the market. The PROFIX cup system is available in various capacities, from 300 ml to 1000 ml, allowing it to be adapted to any painting task. By using our cups, you minimize waste and reduce disposal costs. This eco-friendly solution brings benefits not only to the environment but also to users' budgets.

Distinguishing features of our product:

  1. Versatility: Compatibility with most spray guns on the market thanks to dedicated adapters.
  2. Efficiency: Facilitates the painting process by enabling mixing, spraying, and storing of paint in one cup.
  3. Various Capacities: Available in capacities from 300 ml to 1000 ml, allowing for the selection of the most optimal size for each repair job.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Reduction of waste and disposal costs, beneficial for both the environment and users' budgets.
  5. Practicality: Ease of use and storage thanks to flat lids and transparent packaging that allows for easy identification of contents.


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