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Polyester putty CP 334 Soft Plus

Polyester putty CP 334 Soft Plus

Multifunctional polyester putty.

It combines the features of fillers (good adhesion to various surfaces, filling every unevenness, convenient application and processing with coarse-grained papers) with finishing fillers (convenient application in thin layers and filling small cavities, processing with fine-grained papers).

After it is applied, it creates a very smooth surface, reducing your time spent on polishing. It cannot be used on surfaces in direct contact with food and drinking water.

Shelf lifein originally closed packaging 12 months
Easy grinding
The amount of hardener per 100 units of fillers hardener included 2-3 g
Drying timeat temp. of 20°C 19 minutes
Drying timeat temp. of 60°C 9 minutes
The product is available in following containers 1 kg ; 1,8 kg
The product is available in the following colours∞ - means infinite number of possible colours
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