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Special coat SilverLine 1K 1:1

Special coat SilverLine 1K 1:1

Special coat 1K for renovation and repair of automotive rims and hubcaps made of steel and light alloys.

Exceptionally good coverage, with a very fast drying time.
Can be covered with various clear coats including LS, MS and HS – with both high-gloss and matt finishes.

PROFIX clearcoats are recommended as a protective layer.

After adding B 004 resin and H 004 hardener, the product requires no further protective coating.

Use according to Directive 2004/42/WE - coatings designed for application as topcoats requiring special properties - subcategory (e).

Text of DIRECTIVE 2004/42/CE

Recommended hardener ---
Recommended diluent
CP 048
Shelf lifein originally closed packaging 36 months
Scratch resistance
Adhesion to plastic
Adhesion to ferrous metals
Recommended hardener ---
Recommended diluent
CP 048
The amount of hardener per 100 ml of the product ---
The amount of diluent per 100 ml of the product 100 ml
Drying timeat temp. of 20°C 18 minutes
Number of coats 2
The product is available in following containers 1 L ; 3,5 L
The product is available in the following colours∞ - means infinite number of possible colours
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