The changes are aimed at simplifying the product selection process, while maintaining expected quality and performance. By standardizing on one set of hardeners, we minimize the chances of variability in the curing process, resulting in a smoother surface and easier, more efficient sanding.

We will switch to a set of hardeners for specific products that previously used CP 216, CP 297 and CP 278: 

CP 297 will replace: CP 399 / CP 363 / CP 385 / CP 365 / CP 250 / CP 400 

CP 216 will replace: CP 388 / CP 375 

CP 278 will replace: CP 370 DTM 

In addition, CP 282, CP 285 and CP 286 hardeners have specific temperature ranges in which they provide optimal performance, allowing them to adapt more effectively to weather conditions: 

CP 282 Fast Hardener: 10-20℃ 

CP 285 Standard hardener: 15-25℃ 

CP 286 Slow hardener: 25-35℃ 

We are pleased to be able to offer more flexibility - the new hardeners will be compatible with CP 399, CP 363, CP 385, CP 365, CP 250, CP 400, CP 388, CP 375, CP 370 DTM, as well as with our existing products such as CP 1500, CM 10 and Acrylic. This will allow even better customization to meet individual needs and expectations. 

We believe the above changes will improve results and contribute to the success of your projects. The move to a single set of hardeners is also intended to simplify the purchasing, storage and handling processes. We believe this will reduce the costs associated with managing multiple hardeners, allowing for more efficient resource management.  

New volumes for the CP 28X family will also be introduced to provide greater convenience and flexibility. 

The changes will take effect permanently from late June/early July. The labels of the discontinued hardeners are slowly coming to an end and we will start offering new replacements soon. 

We continue our efforts to provide you with the highest quality products that meet your expectations and help you achieve your business goals.

22.05.2024 12:08:53
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