Rise of the company

The origins of Multichem date back to 1996, when two friends, Piotr Musket and Chris Welgraven, decided to start their own business. It was not easy for young entrepreneurs in the 1990s. There may have been less competition, but there were far fewer tools to help them run their businesses. To meet the challenges that awaited their company in its first years, they created the Profix brand and its innovative products: automotive clearcoats, hardeners and thinners. Originally, these products went to the Polish market, but already in the second year of operation Multichem was present in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Ukraine.
Multichem's initial headquarters were located in Poznań, and the total area available to the company was only about 250 m2.


Profix brand

A breakthrough year for Multichem - the company creates the Profix brand and makes its international debut at the Automechanika show or fair in Frankfurt. This event opens the company's doors to the European market. New business contacts and inspiration gained at the fair translate into dynamic development of the company. Recognition of the Profix brand is growing, and the product range is constantly expanding. The international debut is an important step that enables Multichem to establish relationships with partners around the world.


Company store

Multichem is opening its first company store, marking a key moment in its history. The store offers Multichem's full range of products, giving customers direct access to the company's innovative solutions. The opening of the company store is a significant step toward greater engagement with customers, enabling the company to better understand their needs and preferences.


New headquarters and development

Due to the expansion of the "multichem family", we moved the company headquarters to Lubon. Just a year later, we developed the first water-based system in Poland, which was a great success and forced expansion of our warehouses. The following years also saw regular visits to Automechanika and many other trade fairs.




In 2006, Multichem presented the first water-based system in Poland - AquaLine, which was significant in the development of color matching systems. Products from this line are characterized by high covering power and perfect matching formulae. 
This innovative approach to water-based color production sets new standards in the industry, and the products are quickly gaining recognition in both the domestic and international markets.



Partners from overseas

In 2012, one of the company's founders, Chris Welgraven, went into a well-deserved retirement, and the American Automotive Art Group became the co-owner of Multichem, allowing the expansion of products across the Atlantic Ocean. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have shared mutual trust and friendship.


Another novelty - KolorBox

Our company is launching another innovation in the field of paint - KolorBox. It is a revolutionary tool that is transforming the way customers can match and select car paint colors. 
With KolorBox, the color selection process becomes simpler, faster and more precise. Multichem has also shown that it can deliver not only quality products, but also be a leader in innovative color solutions.



Even closer to customers

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, in 2009 we created a Mobile Training Center, which allowed us to directly reach our customers and conduct training anywhere in Poland and abroad.



Groundbreaking project - Adam 5

Multichem has begun work on another innovative project - the Adam V spectrophotometer. This is an advanced tool designed to make the color matching process as easy and efficient as possible through precise color determination. With the Adam V spectrophotometer, the process of matching paint color becomes easy and efficient.


Profix Refinish System

Multichem is introducing a revolutionary technology - the Profix Refinish System. This is a breakthrough solution that significantly improves the color matching process. The key innovation is the ability to connect the spectrophotometer to the cloud application, an online formulation program. This globally unique solution makes it possible to send color measurements from the spectrophotometer to anywhere in the world. In addition, to further speed up the process, the company decided to use the MC MIX automatic mixing machine. This advanced machine enables precise dosing and mixing of toners, resulting in an even higher quality of the final product.



New headquarters in Tarnowo Podgórne

Multichem is acquiring a new headquarters in Tarnowo Podgorne, underscoring its commitment to further growth and expansion. The purchase of the new headquarters is an important step for the company, enabling it to increase its production capacity and office space. The new location is also a symbol of the company's stability and long-term plans.


Training center in Tarnowo Podgórne

In 2019, we opened the state-of-the-art Profix Global Training Center located at the company's new headquarters in Tarnowo Podgórne. It allows access to research and information not available in workshops on a daily basis, and provides, among other things, training materials, a color center with eight fully equipped stations, as well as a full-size paint booth and a fully automatic paint mixing machine with great accuracy.



New brand - Simplex

Multichem has launched a new brand, Simplex, with a wide range of high-quality products for industrial coatings. Simple but effective solution available in a comprehensive range of colors. By implementing the new brand, we have shown as a company that we understand the diverse needs of the coatings market.


Where can you find our products?

Multichem is a company with global reach for its products in the coatings market, with representation in more than 50 countries around the world. Our innovative paint mixing systems are used in more than 4,000's of locations, from professional paint distributors to retail stores. Multichem is present on most continents, offering the highest quality products and services through distributors, representatives or direct sales. 

With continued expansion, the number of countries and locations using our systems continues to grow, demonstrating our commitment to providing the best solutions for vehicle refinishing.



Multichem is a leading manufacturer of automotive and industrial coatings, which are used in various bodyshops, accident repair centers and industrial applicators. Our products are also supplied to professional paint distributors and specialized stores, where they are widely used.


Multichem's beginnings date back to 1996, when the Profix brand and its innovative products: clearcoats, hardeners and thinners were established. Originally, they went to the Polish market, but already in the second year of operation Multichem was present in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Ukraine.  

In the following years, thanks in part to American co-owner Automotive Art, Multichem also began to expand its products across the Atlantic Ocean in the Americas and Caribbean.

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ISO certificates

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ISO Certificates

Our products are not only appreciated by our users, but have also received wide recognition in the form of positive reviews and certifications from many independent organizations. This consistent quality and trust that we have built over the years is the best testimony to the high quality of our products.

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08.08.2023 12:36:15
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Starting August 24, 2023, every professional and industrial user of diisocyanates should complete specialized training. This is in response to European Union Regulation 2020/1149.

28.05.2023 11:57:26
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Due to our ongoing mission to improve quality and performance, the CP 216, CP 297 and CP 278 hardeners will be phased out and replaced by new hardeners that are already familiar to you - CP 282, CP 285 and CP 286.

27.05.2023 16:58:00
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When we talk about innovation at Multichem, we always try to look to the future, aiming to make our solutions not only effective, but also environmentally friendly. Our latest product - the PROFIX paint cup system.

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