The first stage of this reorganisation is the transformation of our website into a corporate website. It will be available at the existing address and will serve as the main contact and information point. On our website, you will find comprehensive information about our activities, you will be able to learn more about the wide range of training courses we provide, and you will also be able to read the latest articles on the industry.

landing page Profix
'Our brands' subpage on the Multichem website

The refreshed website will also "host" two new sub-sites dedicated to the Profix and Simplex brands.Although maintained in a similar graphic style as the main page, they will feature colors unique to each other - blue for Profix and orange for Simplex - this will emphasize their individuality and uniqueness, while remaining consistent with the main layout of the corporate site.

We have also revamped the career and training sections to make it easier for you to communicate with us and provide you with the most important information.
We are enthusiastic about these changes, which are important for the further development of our company and the Profix and Simplex brands. We cordially invite you to "take a tour" of the revamped website and discover the full possibilities Multichem offers. This is an important step forward for our company.

Training subpage on the Multichem website

12.10.2023 11:06:20
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Multichem was proud to present its innovations in the refinish industry at the 14th Dealer Congress, creating valuable contacts and inspiring industry discussions.

08.08.2023 12:36:15
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Starting August 24, 2023, every professional and industrial user of diisocyanates should complete specialized training. This is in response to European Union Regulation 2020/1149.

28.05.2023 11:57:26
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Due to our ongoing mission to improve quality and performance, the CP 216, CP 297 and CP 278 hardeners will be phased out and replaced by new hardeners that are already familiar to you - CP 282, CP 285 and CP 286.

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