The PROFIX paint cup system has been carefully designed with the needs of both our customers and the environment in mind. It allows us to maximize the efficiency of the painting process while reducing the amount of cleaning agents used - it allows mixing, spraying and storing paint, greatly simplifying the entire process. In addition, the system is universal - we offer dedicated adapters that are compatible with most paint guns available on the market. All this is done to make our product as user and environmentally friendly as possible. 

To meet the different needs of our customers, we offer the PROFIX system in different capacities and sizes - from 300 ml to 1000 ml, which allows you to customize the product for a specific repair, even the smallest one. What's more, our cups have flat lids for storage and transport and easier storage, as well as lids with a spray screen for a higher level of precision. Think of how much time and resources can be saved by having everything in one cup - mixing, spraying and storing. This innovative product not only speeds up the paint process, but also minimizes the risk of errors that could occur when transferring paint from one vessel to another.

The ecological approach to Profix paint cups

Added to this is the flexibility and versatility of our adapters. No matter what model of paint gun you have, our PROFIX paint cup system will be compatible with it. This means you don't have to invest in additional equipment or tools - our product works with what you already have.

However, the most important feature of our product is being eco-friendly. Using PROFIX translates into lower disposal costs and reduced waste. This is not only good for the environment, but also for our customers' budget. 

We believe that our PROFIX paint cup system is the future of the paint industry. Designed with efficiency, economy and environmental protection in mind, it is the answer to the growing needs of the market. Using it in paint processes will certainly bring many benefits. 

As a customer-oriented company, we are committed to making our products as practical as possible. That's why we include dedicated lids with each cup for easy storage and transportation, as well as transparent packaging that allows easy identification of the contents. We have also created a special place on the mug where you can write the color or recipe code - this keeps everything organized and easily accessible.

Profix paint cups

22.05.2024 12:08:53
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