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Spray putty CP 332 Finish

Spray putty CP 332 Finish

Spray finishing polyester putty. It allows you to create impeccably smooth coatings even on considerably large surfaces.

The product provides insulation from the acrylic primer. Being an insulator, it protects the surface from the harmful influence of overdosing or underdosing hardeners in polyester putties.

The hardening time can be shortened by warming up the process at the temperature not exceeding 60˚C.

The product is meant for both mechanical and manual processing with fine-grained sandpaper.

Shelf lifein originally closed packaging 12 months
Easy grinding
The amount of hardener per 100 units of fillers hardener included 5 ml
Drying timeat temp. of 20°C 2-2,5 hours
Drying timeat temp. of 60°C 19 minutes
The product is available in following containers 1 kg
The product is available in the following colours∞ - means infinite number of possible colours
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