20.03.2024, 08:00
Tarnowo Podgórne, Wielkopolskie, Polska, Sowia 12
6 hours

Training description

Duration: 6 hours

Would you like to better understand the color development process of paint coatings? Would you like to learn how various factors can affect the final color shade? If so, our professional training on color and paint defects is just for you.

During this 6-hour training course, led by experienced specialist Jakub Tomaszewski, you will have the opportunity to gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

In the theoretical part, we will discuss the process of formation and reproduction of color of paint coatings, basics related to color perception, characteristics of pigments, aspects of color evaluation and description. We will also look at how car manufacturers have managed color over the years and what are the most popular colors on the market.

In addition, we will pay special attention to paint defects in terms of color. You will learn how pressure, number of coats, temperature, humidity and many other factors affect the final color shade.

The practical part will include exercises on how to use a color program, a spectrophotometer and analyzing the differences in sample colors. We will also look at the effect of different types of pigments on color, flop and shade. As part of the training, participants will have the opportunity to identify paint defects on supplied parts.

Anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills in the field of color and paint defects, regardless of their professional experience, is welcome to attend the training.

What will you learn ?
  • how to correctly identify and describe color
  • Recognize the pigments used in the car's paint,
  • Recognize the pigments used in the car's paint,
  • To some extent, determine the type of paint repair,
  • operate a color program,
  • operate a spectrophotometer.
  • Making correct verification of differences in sample colors,
  • operation of a color program
  • An analysis of the interactions between silver types, pearlescent pigments and xirallic and their effects on color, flop and hue,
  • spectrophotometer operation,
  • Recognizing paint defects based on delivered parts.
  • Understanding the Process of Color Creation
  • Color Assessment Capability
  • Ability to Recognize Paint Defects
  • Practical Skills
  • Developing Pigment Recognition Skills
20.03.2024, 08:00
Tarnowo Podgórne, Wielkopolskie, Polska, Sowia 12
6 hours


Marek Lemiszewski

Grzegorz Turek Color Laboratory Multichem

Grzegorz Turek

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