Color matching systems, mixing systems

21.02.2024, 9:00
Tarnowo Podgórne, Wielkopolskie, Polska, Sowia 12
2 days

Training description

Duration: 2 days

Instructor: paint industry expert

The purpose of the "Color Selection Systems, Mixing Systems" training course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively select colors and use mixing systems. The training is aimed at professionals in the paint industry, as well as beginners who want to expand their skills and knowledge in this area.

Theoretical scope:

1. Basics of color matching - discussing the basic principles of color matching, understanding color wheels and how they affect color matching.
2. Color selection systems - an introduction to various color selection systems and understanding how they work and how they can be used in practice.
3. Mixing systems - a detailed discussion of various mixing systems, understanding their functions and how they can be used to create precise colors.

Practical scope:

1. Working with color matching systems - practical exercises with various color matching systems.
2. Working with mixing systems - participants will have the opportunity to work with various mixing systems, allowing them to understand how they can be used to create precise colors.
3. Practical exercises - participants will have a series of practical exercises that will allow them to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to practical situations.

What will you learn ?
  • choose the right products for the job
  • configure paint guns as appropriate to the job
  • Correctly determine the technology of making a paint coating
  • work with color software
  • select a card for an element in a basic way
  • take care of the tools and materials you use
  • "Paint out" task The trainee is supposed to search for corresponding fiches to unmarked color panels. When the participant decides that any fiche fits the panel, he writes down his proposal on a piece of paper. The choice must be justified. After the first round, the colorist will tell what the participants should follow in order to find matching colors more effectively.
  • Task "Water, acrylic, thinner" During this task, participants, will have to recognize in what technology the item was painted, they will learn methods how to get such information.
  • Task "Almost like Picasso" Practical learning of painting using Profix knowledge and products.
  • Task "This is aluminum, you won't paint it" In our industry, we place special emphasis on the correctness of execution, in this task we will introduce the problem of silver colors and how to deal with them. During the practical part, participants will learn about aspects of the work of a painter as well as a colorist. This will allow them to face the most common problems and challenges of paint coatings in order to learn their trade even better.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various paint systems
  • Ability to manage a database containing hundreds of thousands of colors
  • Develop practical painting skills
  • Development of problem-solving skills
  • Certyfikat ukończenia kursu
21.02.2024, 9:00
Tarnowo Podgórne, Wielkopolskie, Polska, Sowia 12
2 days


Marek Lemiszewski


Jakub Tomaszewski Marketing Multichem

Jakub Tomaszewski

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